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This is a FREE online course created by Aiman Azlan, with a decade of experience in online entrepreneurship, for individuals who have the desire to start their own online business but don't know how.

"Start with what you have and give more than you take."

Aiman Azlan

A detailed overview.

4-Week Email Course

Week 1


Focus: Create your Big Why and build your business on a strong foundation that can withstand challenges.

Recommendation: Start With Why

Task: Identify your Big Why, make a 5-minute video explaining it, and post it on your official website (if you don't have one, you will be taught how to make one).

Week 2


Focus: Create meaningful contents across multiple online platforms to build trust and engagement.

Recommendation: The GaryVee Content Strategy

Task: List topics or issues close to you, record a 3-5 minute video every day for each topic, and post them on your Youtube channel.

Week 3


Focus: Create a content management system to direct your audience into your marketing funnel.

Recommendation: Master Content Marketing

Task: Create an automated weekly email newsletter and funnel audience to the newsletter with your content marketing strategy.

Week 4


Focus: Create a minimum viable product to solve actual problems your audience have and commit to constant improvements.

Recommendation: The Lean Startup

Task: Host a Q&A with your audience, identify their problems, pick one that stands out, and create a webinar to solve that one problem.

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